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We make an Impression on people, literally.

About Momentum

We make an impression! Millions around the world have seen our Television shows, flipped through one of the many of the thousands of lifestyles, fashion, celebrity and sports articles we have published, watched one of the movies we helped produce around the world, or engaged with one of the celebrities and social media stars we work with.

Our Projects are Seen in Over 66 Countries Worldwide

We produce content and have been doing that for over 10 years. Our programs have been seen on CBS, ABC, Fox Sports, Direct TV, Dish, Time Warner Cable, Cox Cable, USA Television network affiliates, SKY TV ( UK) and to broadcasters in over 66 countries around the world.

Celebrity Branding Team

We got started after celebrities, professional athletes, fashion designers, automotive companies, beverage, beauty and lifestyles brands, who saw how good we were at launching their media, social media and strategy campaigns.

Our expertise in media campaigns we can push:

Motion Pictures and Television

Celebrity Branding and Marketing

Fashion-Beauty–Cryptocurrency-Automotive-Celebrity-Sports Stars-Lifestyles-Beverages-Health and Fitness

Cryptocurrency Launches:

We have launched cryptocurrency companies resulting in over $1.0 billion market cap added to the value of the company.


Media-Social Media-PR

We produced over 200 episodes of Television programs for broadcasters around the word. Our team of editors, cinematographers and producers have earned over 5 Emmys and won over 14 international film awards.

Our featured newest TV series

BYOB-Bring Your Own Board- CHOCKED FULL OF BRAND INTEGRATION for companies and New Stars!


B.Y.O.B Bring Your Own Board TV is a new television series based around people who live life to the fullest as surfers, shapers, lifeguards, models, fashion designers and all of the people who meet together at the beach for a common goal–making it in the action sports industry Come to find out these surfers, hunks and board makers have the ultimate life, becoming millionaires doing what they love to do. Will they make it or will they wipe out?

Think: “Beyond the Beach- Baywatch meets The Apprentice”

Starring Lifeguard brothers from ABC’s Shark Tank: The Hamboard Family, US Junior Surfing Champion Nikki Viesins, USA Surf Coach Sean Mattison, Social Media Star/Model Olga Safari (over 77 million views on Vine), Top Board Designer for women Lola Jade, and Former Professional Surfer Cordell Miller.

Watch the clip below:

Watch the Hamboard boys

Lifeguards from Huntington Beach and co-stars of BYOB

We Make Social Media Stars, Too

We work with numerous top social media stars from the following industries whose combined reach is over 400 million and over 2 billion views that have been generated on social media.

  • *Fashion/Modeling/Hair and makeup
  • *Action Sports
  • *Professional Sports
  • *Acting
  • *Comedy
  • *Authors and Icons