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 Kai Buehler

Consultant- Virtual Reality and Digital Media


 Kai is best known for being the CEO of Mobile Messaging Solutions (mms), Inc, a leading iTV and mobile engagement provider that divested out of VeriSign in 2009 (NASDAQ: VRSN). e Guide

Kai Buehler:- Consultant-Virtual Reality and Digital Media – Kai is best known for being the CEO of Mobile Messaging Solutions (mms), Inc, a leading iTV and mobile engagement provider that divested out of VeriSign in 2009 (NASDAQ: VRSN). In his role as CEO of mms, Kai developed Watchpoints and his company provided the SMS voting for all major iTV shows in the US, including American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, Survivor and Sabado Gigante.

Kai started MindMatics USA in May 2006 and the company became the major mobile service and iTV-solutions provider for ABC, Fox, NBC Universal, CBS, Univision, BET, CW, New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures, just to name a few. He merged the company with mms, Inc. in early 2010. Today Kai Buehler is Founder & CEO of Virtual Reality Studio , and of the e-commerce company, the one-for-one giving platform that rewards donations and helps companies drive a double impact. Causora works with over 250+ non-profit partners such as American Red Cross, Food for the Poor, charity: water, etc. and rewards donors with gift certificates from 350+ socially conscious merchants. Kai has successfully started, managed and sold a number of businesses in the mobile application and interactive TV space.

In 2011, Kai sold Watchpoints, the first app that rewarded viewers for watching television, to Viggle (NASDAQ: VGGL) and became Viggle’s SVP and GM. Before joining Viggl from 2000 to 2006, Kai was the CEO of plan_b media, which he co-founded in 2000 and led to profitability. He successfully grew the company to a leader in the production and distribution of mobile entertainment content with offices in New York, Cologne, London and Vienna. Up to its acquisition by MindMatics in 2005 he had signed the mobile distribution rights to over 70 licenses, such as Star Wars, War of the World, Muppets, Garfield, Maya the Bee, and Madagascar. Kai studied at Universities in Europe and Asia; he holds a Master Degree in Business and a PhD in Economics from the University of Paderborn, Germany and Hong Kong.

Dallas Santana

President-Production/Content and Strategic Marketing

Blockchain Media Advisor

Hollywood Media Executive/ Content Creator Dallas Santana is known for creating more than over 350 episodes of TV for networks like CBS, ABC, Direct TV, Dish, Sky TV (UK). He is also an expert in social media strategy for major brands, television shows,  movies, “A-List “celebrities, professional athletes, and is a leading blockchain advisor for many media companies worldwide.

New : Dallas launches new TV series on Fox Sports-31 Countries January 2019

New: In 2019 Dallas launched a business show on Fox Business and new tech business show filmed at NASDAQ studios, NYC

Dallas on IMDB

Dallas on Linkedin/Blockchain Media Advisor: His expertise in media, social media and television led him to being tapped by leading cryptocurrency and blockchain companies focused on entertainment, music,  video streaming and lifestyle sectors and in 2018 alone, he has helped increase the market values of these companies by over $2 billion with leading their media, social media and celebrity branding campaigns. He helped recruit over 100 celebrities, 500 social media stars, athletes, cryptocurrency  influencers and media icons to lend their names and expertise to projects in cryptocurrency and the blockchain. He is currently leading a team of over 50 who weekly, consult, advise and run media campaigns to help accelerate cryptocurrency/blockchain companies standings in that space. As of 2018, he is in development on two cryptocurrency TV series that will help bring global attention to his cryptocurrency/blockchain  clients.

Film and TV:

He has forged partnerships with the producers and companies behind franchise hits like “James Bond” and “Twilight”. He is an action motion picture executive as well in Hollywood responsible for the production of several movies including “The Last Ride”, “Khali The Killer”, and the action film  “Meta” which he is assisting in securing financing for. He has worked with NASCAR and Indy Racing teams as a marketing executive and also trained to be a semi-pro driver himself.

His greatest thrills are on action and filmmaking in an area where it’s extremely dangerous work where he has worked with legendary stunt pilots, base jumping skydivers, cross-country rally racing with stuntmen who train with the “Fast and Furious”  and he himself has taken the helm of filming with sharks in the Pacific and high-speed fighter jets over the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to professional education, training as a leader in the United States Marines Officers Candidates Program.  He who launched his first government defense and heavy construction and engineering company at age 21 turning it into one of the fastest growing companies in the New England Region performing millions of dollars in annual contracts for the FAA, Department of Defense, US Navy, US Air Force, and other top federal agencies.

After attending both business schools (Northeastern University in Boston) and The American Film Institute in Hollywood, he got his start in entertainment becoming a partner in NYC Magazine and serving on the board of directors of several other lifestyle magazines. He then took over a Pacific-based action sports TV production and magazine group taking him to Hawaii where he lived and operated one of the most influential action sports media companies supplying TV series for Fox Sports. Here Dallas became the executive producer and creator of one of the longest-running action sports series in the world. In 2005 he then launched an all-female version of the action sports series ( currently airing on Amazon Prime) which was distributed to over 66 countries worldwide co-producing it with the heir of “James Bond”.

Music Executive. Dallas has executive produced recording artists with top songwriters and collaborations including new songs and remixes with such notable music artists such as “One Republic”‘s Tim Myers, Grammy Winning producer  Dr. Luke ( “Katy Perry” and “Back Street Boys”) and Billboard Winning Andrew Lane (“ Miley Cyrus” “High School Musical 3).

Brandon Kenji Claudio

Producer/Media Executive

Social Media Director


Brandon Kenji Claudio, co founder of Momentum Studios, Inc. and Momentum Media,  brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the media space.

Brandon is also currently a producer on a slate of over $40 million in feature films in the range of $6 million each and a documentary at $1.3 million. He is the Executive Producer of BYOB Bring Your Own Board TV’s 26 episodic series, an action sports driven TV series that has product placement deals for brands like Redbull and Quiksilver.

Brandon has also structured and directed social strategy campaigns for movie projects in the $2 million budget range. His expertise in social influencer marketing has helped projects get over 30 million impressions worldwide over a span of 3 months prior to theatrical release. Brandon has worked with A-list celebrities in the social marketing space that have helped films reach their optimal audience network and is highly sought after in both the entertainment and media space for his social influencer marketing strategies.

Brandon’s other film and TV credits include Producer of Checkpoint, starring Bill Goldberg and William Forsythe as well as Executive Producer of TV Series Destination X Puerto Rico.

Brandon is currently a strategic marketing executive assisting several cryptocurrency launches including a $1 billion market client  that is financing a multi-million dollar film slate,.launching a record label and producing animation ventures including the $100 million  movie “Starlight”. Brandon is also an advisor for the Puerto Crypto Media Fund, a cryptocurrency backed media fund that is financing entertainment projects with the Puerto Rican tax incentive program and a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies with a slate of $22 million in projects being brought to the beautiful film location, which has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Kenji has helped ICO clients achieve over 31 million reach and 510,000 engagements in just 3 days with influencer marketing in the social and digital space.

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4 x Emmy-winning producer/ Consulting Producer/Advisor

A native of Los Angeles, California, Celeste Fianna is an under 30 multi-faceted expert in Entrepreneurship. From producing an Emmy Award Winning Series to Real Estate Development to Commercial Real Estate to managing an Investment Capital Firm, Celeste’s flair for success not only positioned her as an efficient Co-Executive Producer but also landed her a leading role in 30X Emmy Nominated, 14X Emmy Winning series THE BAY as Tamara Garrett, and she recently received an Emmy nomination in 2017 for her popular show “This Just In” on Pop TV.VP of Content at Momentum Studios, Inc, Celeste is passionate about film and television making gearing her drive around making award-winning, powerful projects about existence.   She started in Real Estate at age sixteen, took that drive and began working in the world of high-end single-family developments, partnering up and buying tear-downs, fixers, remodeling and building spec homes. This grew into designing multiple $30M+ single family spec homes in the West Los Angeles Hills.A rare breed, Celeste not only combines instinctual business intelligence and jaw-dropping beauty, but is also a kind-hearted passionate avant-gardist focused on positive education, child abuse prevention, mental health, cures in the health industry, and protecting the environment.Celeste is a 6X Nominated, 4X Emmy Winning Producer, specializing in Distribution, Production, and Funding. Today she is a partner at LANY Entertainment Film and Entertainment company. Celeste’s vision is to affect communities positively to foster sustainable change by bridging content with business and education.

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Business Development Director

Willie Stewart is responsible for curating a list of hundreds of cryptocurrency ICO’s to find “the next big thing” and bring the experience and value of the Momentum team to facilitate and augment the success of their ICO ( “Initial Coin Offering”) primarily in the film, television, music, lifestyles and app sectors.    Stewart facilitated the arrangement between Momentum and three new ICO and cryptocurrency launches in the film and TV sector with total market values of over $1 billion. One launch for an APP client Willie secure,   resulted in, (just 3 days), a social media reach of 31 million and 510,000 engagements worldwide.  If you are contacted by Momentum Business Development then we see your potential and believe we may be able to help you.

Willie Stewart’s background, industry, and professional relationships are extremely diverse which serves him well in his role as Business Development Executive with Momentum.  Willie joined the US Marine Corps at 17 years old.  He was a critical care Registered Nurse for 18 years with an “A” average.  Willie is an Associate producer for Indie Award Winning movie short, “Cursed.”   He also runs a successful independent record label and publishing company where he has collaborated with industry titans such as The Hype Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jerry Doby, multi-platinum record producer Andrew Lane, multi-platinum songwriter and record producer Maurice “The General Starr”, platinum producer Will Baker, Hip Hop Pioneers Lords of The Underground, and many more.

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Stewart is also a two time Amazon Best Selling author with his novels “tarnished” and “Dear God Please Give Me MS.”  He was recognized with an article written about his groundbreaking and unique approach to marketing and promoting his debut novel.  He gave his lead character, Dale RN a registered nurse serial killer, a significant online presence.  A marketer/publicist lauded Stewart for these efforts and said he is breaking new ground.  This resulted in the cover of the novel gracing a Times Square Billboard.

Other accomplishments include winning the 2008 Black Web Award for best internet talk show, “The Uncle D. Morning Show.”  Artists Lex, signed with Stewart, had garnered national attention.  The single “Happy” by the Grind Family was featured on BET’s Next and would become a favorite on BET uncut.  In March 2002 Lex cracked the Billboard charts at number 78 with the single “One Night” by the Grind Family.  Lex later scored another single on the Hip-hop R&B charts with the single “Hood 2 Da Burbs” by Badd.